skype logoPrivate courses in photoshop and lightroom via Skype

privata kurserWhen a photographer wants to improve his images, so they stand out amongst others. There are 2 main areas to focus on, composition, and making the image better through post processing. I can help you improve in post processing with these 2 courses. When you book a skype session with me you get access to all of my experience and knowledge, and I guarantee that your images will become better after we are done.

All you need is access to the internet, skype and the program you want to become better at. I will share my screen with you through the skype client during the session, so you can see every step of the process. I have my own selected images that we can work on, or if you have some of your own then we can work on those. During the session I will go through every little detail that we do, and if you feel insecure about something, dont hesitate to stop me and ask questions.

The price is 90 dollars for one hour. And if you want to book another hour the price will be 160 dollars.

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Straight out of the camera
Processed with my editing technique


Straight out of the camera
Processed with advanced photoshop technique

photoshop logoWhat you will learn in photoshop

  • Advanced masking, luminosity masks etc
  • What layers are and what they can do
  • My whole workflow from start to finish
  • Balance tones
  • Cloning and manipulation
  • Stacking images to create better dynamic range
  • Exposure blending
  • Change size, scale and transform images
  • My own recommendations for good plugins and programs for photoshop
  • How to create surreal effects for a dreamy feeling in the image
  • Dodge and burn
  • Different types of adding sharpness
  • Orton effect
  • How to resize and prepare images for the web or printing
  • How to adjust colors
  • Curves, levels and other ways to correct light

Prices incl. tax

1 hour $90
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2 hours $160
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lightroom logoWhat you will learn in lightroom

  • Crop and straighten upp images
  • What all the sliders do, and how to use them in the best way
  • Lens corrections and what they do
  • Finding the right settings for exporting your images
  • My personal tips on good plugins and presets for lightroom
  • Explaining the histogram
  • How to add sharpness and noise reduction in a non destructive way
  • A personal tip on how to make the colors and contrast pop with a simple maneuver
  • How to adjust the colors strenght, luminance and saturation
  • How to export images to create panoramas or HDR in photoshop
  • I show you how I usually edit my images in lightroom
  • Removing dustspots and other dirt from the image

Prices incl. tax

1 hour $90
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2 hours $160
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You are welcome to contact me with questions
about prices and different services.