Röttle falls

Röttle waterfall in Sweden, Lindstenfoto visits it.

I just wanted to explain where this image is taken and the challenges I faced during the photoshoot. To start of, this beautiful waterfall is located near the town of Gränna, Sweden. When I arrived, I was blinded by its beauty and didnt realize how hard it would be to shoot it. Mainly because of the sky. It was cloudy and the sun only came through a little from the west(back of the image) So I either had to include the sky or just take a picture of the water flowing down. I choose to include the sky, and overexpose it, mainly to create that dreamy look that I love, and because it was my only choice here. I also used a circular polarizer filter from Wonderpana to remove reflections in the water and to give the forground some more "pop" The final result is this image right here. I hope you enjoy looking at it, as much as I did creating it.

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